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Cocoplans hails 16th APEX Awardees

The year 2009 has seen the worse and best of our company. It may be done and over, but it also brought out the best in our people. As Napoleon Bonaparte said “victory belongs to the most persevering,” and with perseverance comes the promise of a brighter days to come. At the forefront of that promise are unique individuals who no matter how hard it gets, kept their head up and handled it. So it was just fitting to honor and recognize them for their efforts during the 16th Annual Performance Excellence Awards.

With the theme ‘Brighter Days’ Cocoplans’ Annual Performance Excellence Awards (APEX) was held last March 9, 2010 at Ayala Hall of the Makati Sports Club. Over 150 guests coming from the different business centers, elite awardees, Corporate Business Center officers & Board of Directors graced the event. Hosted by yours truly and Ms. Mae Anne O. Villanueva, the event began with a street jazz performance by Team Vibe Pilipinas dancers just after the delegates from Mindanao, Visayas, North Luzon, South Luzon, MMO 14, 19, 20 & 22 operations took their Walk of Fame. The opening remarks was given by our Vice-president and Head of National Sales & Marketing Division Mr. Majid Rahmani where he recognized our delegates who define APEX as “people of quality, resilience & determination.” He then congratulated all of them who have shown exemplary performance for 2009 and encouraged everyone to draw inspiration on their achievements.

It was then followed by a new portion of the event, the Presidents Report - given by no other than our beloved President Mr. Caesar T. Michelena. In his opening statement, Pres. Michelena looked back at 2009 as an auspicious year given a lot of problems and concerns we have to face, but nonetheless looked back at 2009 and found Cocoplans to be blessed with people like our delegates who are working with us, persevering in spite of what happened, and a management team and mother company that have supported us.

In his report, 2009 was the toughest year for the industry as a whole because of the changes that had occurred, because of difficulties that must be faced and challenges we had to overcome. He then summarized the events that led to the crisis in the industry starting from the Legacy group up to the senate inquiry. Through all these issues, Cocoplans remains strong, we have maintain the performance level for 2009, we have increased our Capital to 387M, we successfully increased the take up of our ACE Project and we were able to start operating 2 new memorial park project (Bacolod & Escalente). CTM sees 2010 as a year of opportunities; start of Mall Tele Operations, growth in Investment Income, increase in Credit Card & Memorial Park sales, re-selling of Optimax for 2010, the passing of the new Pre-Need Law, and the launch of the Pera Plan Product & E-commerce enabled website for offsite transaction. In conclusion, CTM had this belief that in putting all these together will bring us brighter days in 2010.

The awarding ceremony started with the delegates marching on stage to receive their individual certificates. They were serenaded byABS-CBN talent and former Pinoy Dream Academy scholar Mr. RJ Jimenez with his rendition of the song “This is the Moment.” Special recognition were given to Ms. Josephine O. Bailey – Special Agency of the Year (Lipa Business Center), Mr. Tryon A. Roco - Top BP DepEd Seller of the Year ( Bacolod Business Center) and Mr. Dionisio P. Rayo Top BP Corporate Seller of the Year (Malolos Business Center). Special recognition was also given to Regional Heads Angelita I. Clelo of Metro Manila Operations 20, Alexander K. Macalintal of South Tagalog Operations, Joseph Mark Y. Ronquillo of Metro Manila Operations 19 and Career Builder Executive Veronica M. Rahmani of Metro Manila Operations 22 for realizing their regions profitability levels for 2009.

For traditional marketing channel, the following Business Associates stood above the rest; Justine Ian L. Herno of MMO 20 (Business Partner Goal Buster of the Year); Alfredo B. Ignacio Jr. of MMO 20 (Business Partner Premier Producer of the Year); Rachelle Masoumeh Rahmani Pirbasti of MMO 22 (Business Partner Mega Producer of the Year); Isidora A. Latido of Lipa BC (Business Partner of the Year).

Top Business Center of the Year was awarded to Lipa Business Center. Regional Head Alexander K. Macalintal received the award in behalf of all Business Associates of Lipa Business Center. In his, speech he commented every one of them: “I’m so proud of you guys, for the effort and dedication you put in reaching our branch goal. This award is a work of a team, and this is ours.”

While indulging in a hefty snack, the new batch of Elite Circle Members was called on stage to receive their plaques and pins for their official induction to the Elite Club.

The second part of the awarding ceremonies started with a song number from a former Silk Band member and commercial model, Ms Faye Abadicio, who sang ‘One Night Only.’ The performance set the mood as it was the turn of the Telemarketing Group to be honored and recognized.

The awards for different categories at different levels are as follows: For Telemarketing – Sales Officer Level, Darrel B Burata of Davao BC (BP Tele Pace Setter of the Year); Maricar B. Dizon of MMO 19 (BP Tele Goal Buster of the Year); Roldan Y. Tuhao of Cebu BC (BP Tele Premier Producer of the Year); Jude O. Ildefonso of Bacolod BC (BP Tele Mega Producer of the Year); Bartolome K. Broqueza Jr. of Cebu BC (BP Tele Sales Officers of the Year).

Mr. Broqueza in his speech thanked the Almighty God, Cocoplans, Mr Joseph Ronquillo, Mr. Rhommel Hao Cuenco, SBDM Genesis Arong and BDM Wichelle Janoras for being supportive and understanding at all times.” He also thanked the backroom support of Cebu Business Center and his fiancée. His message to his co-awardees, “we should continue to strive to be of service to all and stand proud at all times.”

Hector E. Gaylican of MMO 19 was awarded as the BP Tele-Officer of the Year. In his speech he made mention of people who have supported his career in Cocoplans, “Thank you to my BDM Ma. Cecilia Baugbog for her words and encouragements… thank you to SBDM Macky Sison for the trust and support ... and my gratitude to Cocoplans and its management ACT, CTM, MRP & JYR. I would like to share this award to my group.”

Bagging the honors for Business Development Manager - Telemarketing Group were the following: Joel F. Baylon of Quezon City BC (BDM Tele Premier Producer of the Year); Wichelle E. Janoras of Cebu BC (BDM Tele Mega Producer of the Year); Ma. Cecilia G. Baugbog of MMO 19 (BDM Tele of the Year). For Senior Business Development Manager Telemarketer, Glenn J. De Castro of Davao BC (SBDM Tele Premier Producer of the Year); Michael V. Sison of MMO 19 (SBDM Tele Mega Producer of the Year); Genesis A. Arong of Cebu BC (SBDM Tele of the Year) were among the awardees.

The final award went to the Dynamics Metro Manila Operations 19, the Top Business Center Telemarketing. Received by SBDM Michael V. Sison, he said that this recognition “is the fruit of our labor… to my team, this is not my achievement, but ours. For without your great effort, belief and loyalty I do not think I will be standing here right now.”

With all the awards given, it was our Managing Director’s turn to personally congratulate all delegates and awardees. “2009 was a challenging year for all of us, but our awardees have definitely rose to the challenge. So it was just fitting to honor them for their exemplary performance.” He emphasized the core strength of Cocoplans which is the uncanny ability to respond positively to challenging situation. “A never say die attitude to slug it out against all odds somehow prevail.” Truly our awardees personify these assets.

As a final tribute to all delegates, they were serenaded by RJ Jimenez & Faye Abadicio with the song “Wonderful Journey.” Indeed, it was a fitting song to close the event.

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