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PMP formally opens for Davaoeños

November 14, 2009 – After long weeks of preparation, Cocoplans. formally inaugurated Palmhaven Memorial Park (PMP) for Davaoeño families. The day marks the beginning of the much-awaited venture of Cocoplans’ Palmhaven Memorial Park. After securing all the necessary permits and licenses to operate from various government agencies, PMP-Tagum finally opened to the public. Cocoplans envisioned this project to be the First-Class Memorial Park in the whole Mindanao Region.

Spearheaded by our beloved President, Mr. Caesar T. Michelena, the celebration started with a Thanksgiving Mass at the park site at Barangay Bincungan, Tagum City. It was followed by a motorcade that captivated the attention of the bystanders with the downpour of yellow and green colors from the cluster. The motorcade passed through main thoroughfares and made four (4) remarkable stops - Carmen, Panabo City, Park Site and Tagum City proper where balloons were released signaling our readiness to provide service.

More colorful and vibrant activities were witnessed simultaneously at Molave Hotel - the venue of the Inauguration proper. There were pocket activities to entertain the guests while waiting for the program to start. The fire dancers, the illusionists and the band just made the night more alive.

During the program proper, Mr. Joseph S. Tanayan, Head of Sales Training, and Events (STE), conducted a Product Orientation Seminar which received a very positive response from the public with 98 lots sold. Also, there was a raffle draw done to the delight of the buyers and sellers of the memorial park.

The affair was attended by hundreds of guests as well as officers and staff of Cocoplans and Cocolife. Managing Director Atty. Alfredo C. Tumacder, Jr., CTM, landowner Sultan Jaime Acas Maug were also present that made the occasion more memorable. The celebration successfully ended with Disco and Live Band which lasted until almost midnight.

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