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Cocoplans inducted in CUP Hall of Fame

Together with his officers, Cocoplans President Caesar T. Michelena received the “Hall of Fame” award as the ‘Most Outstanding Pre-need Plans Provider’ from the Consumers Union of the Philippines’ (CUP) 19th Annual National Consumers Awards (ANCA) held at the Manila Hotel last October 17, 2008.

“We made it Cocoplanners! I am very proud that we are once again recognized by one of the biggest and premier consumer organizations in the country duly recognized by the government, business sector, civic and religious groups and consumers from all walks of life - the Consumers Union of the Philippines”, President Caesar T. Michelena said in an interview.

For five (5) consecutive years, Cocoplans, Inc. has been receiving ANCA golden statuette which symbolizes honor and prestige in giving excellent services to the consumers.

“None of this would have been possible without you, my dear Cocoplanners! With the collective efforts you’ve done for this company, I thank you all… I commend you for a job well done. But please bear in mind that this is not the end, this is just the beginning! Let us continue what we’re doing for the benefit of our planholders and of the company”, Pres. Michelena added.

Furthermore, United Coconut Planters Life Assurance Company (Cocolife), one of the members of the UCPB Group of companies was also awarded as the Most Outstanding Life Insurance Company in the service category.

Moreover, in the recently concluded 19th ANCA, CUP promised to continue not to let every Filipino go blindfolded to the realities of life as consumers. With this year’s theme ‘Leading the Consumers towards efficient lighting for a brighter future’, Atty. Quirino A. Marquinez, CUP National President said, everyone is motivated to enhance efficiency in management of human resources, and in the production of affordable and quality products, so as to attain ultimate benefits for the consumers.

In addition, Atty. Rodel Taton of CUP said that today, in this time of highly globalize economies, the task of the consumer movement became more multifaceted and tricky. The consumers’ issues do not simply dwell on the prices of prime commodities but it also includes saving the world we live in. Thus, CUP would like to impart education, shed light to the fainting consumer minds as part of their objectives of protecting the welfare and interest of the Filipino Consumers.

CUP through ANCA would like to encourage and inspire manufacturers, producers, wholesales, retailers, businessmen, professionals, traders and craftsmen to continuously render the best services and deliver high quality products.

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