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EAC launched we KAN SERve

Cocoplans thru the Employee Activities Committee (EAC ’09) launched we KAN SERve: share and care the Cocoplans way!, an outreach program for children with cancer last Sept. 29, 2009 during the monthly general meeting.

The project aims to give happiness and to share blessings to the children of Cancer Warriors Foundation Inc. (CWFI) who are diagnosed and suffering from cancer. we KAN SERve also wants to provide awareness about childhood cancer and to help leap every child’s hope for recovery and living life like a normal kid.

“It is our honor to be of service and source of happiness of every child with cancer. Since childhood is the moment for discoveries and fun for kids living in a normal way, having cancer in an early stage of life is such a painful experience. We know that it is not easy to fight cancer and with that, we find it nice to reach out to those kids and help them feel that they are not alone. And that we, the Cocoplanners, can do something to ease the pain even just for for awhile”, EAC ’09 Chairwoman Joy M. Mallari said in an interview.

Since Christmas is the time for giving, we KAN SERve plans to treat the kids of CWFI and give them gifts as presents for the Holiday season.

“EAC ’09 is humbly asking for your help and support to our outreach program this year - we KAN SERve. This also will serve as an awareness for us and a way of giving back to the community. The battle against cancer is not easy as we all know, and putting smiles on the face of those little kids would be a great experience for all of us knowing that with a little amount we will give, happiness is what we can share”, EAC said as they asked for Cocoplanners’ usual generosity.

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