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February 8, 2008

Cocoplans, Inc., recognized as the Most Outstanding Pre-need Plan Provider by the Consumers Union of the Philippines for four straight years (2004-2007), has recently opened Palmhaven Memorial Park at Brgy. Bincungan, Tagum City, Davao Del Norte last November 12, 2007.

Palmhaven Memorial Park is equipped with modern facilities and amenities which are carefully conceptualized, planned and constructed. The park was installed with modern computerized system to give Davaoeño families immediate and accurate information anytime while a children’s playground, together with a multi-purpose pavilion and viewing chapel, was built for family activities.

A great effort and imagination took place as Cocoplans tried to provide Davaoeños with a serene, beautiful and majestic place for their departed loved ones. The roads and sidewalks were constructed wide and spacious enough for easy accessibility around the park.

High-concrete perimeter walls are being built and a number of park lamp posts are aesthetically established to provide security, safety and good lighting in the park for Davaoeños and their families. Palmhaven also has clean rest rooms and water stations strategically located for the families’ basic needs.

“We have put the same care and attention to detail into this development that we have always put into our financial products to ensure that it not only meet your needs, but also reflects your values. We have premium quality memorial lots in a good location that is easily accessible. We have beautiful landscaping and architectural details that bring the tranquility of the place. We make sure that the park grounds are always clean and welcoming through first-class maintenance and efficient administration”, President Caesar T. Michelena said in an interview.

He said Cocoplans, Inc. deeply understands the needs of every Filipino people and the establishment of Palmhaven in Tagum City was a strong evidence of it. According to him, Palmhaven would like to give every Davaoeño family a place that will let them fully express their love for their departed ones.

“This is the place that will connect you to your departed loved ones. Aware of the love Davaoeños have for their families, we built Palmhaven thinking of how we could bring you closer to your loved ones though they are no longer here on earth”, President Michelena added.

Cocoplans believes that Palmhaven is not just an ordinary final resting place but a welcoming sanctuary that respects serenity and togetherness in honoring a departed loved one. The company takes pride as Palmhaven is Tagum City’s ONLY ‘First Class Memorial Park’.

“With its grand launch projected on late January 2008, I cannot deny the fact that I am too excited, for we, the Cocoplans family, will be having another venue to serve people for their future”, President Michelena ended.

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