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BusinessWorld, January 15, 2008

Cocoplans Launches 100% Guarantee Campaign


Cocoplans, four time awardee for Most Outstanding Pre-Need Plans Provider recently launched its 100% Guarantee Campaign that seeks to promote the company as a full-complement pre-need firm that guarantees its clients of 100% delivery of their money on the day the company had promised. One clear message that the campaign would like to build is that Cocoplans, Inc.’s “We Promise” will release planholders’ maturity benefits on the day the company had promised. “We Promise” is about integrity or fulfilling the company’s commitment to the planholders. It is all about telling the public that Cocoplans will be there to fulfill their dreams, provide education to their children, and remember their wishes in the hour of bereavement no matter what. It is about Cocoplans telling its stakeholders that they can trust the company. Cocoplans will guarantee them that 100%, it will lend its hands to help them achieve and experience all the good things that are in store for them.

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