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EAC launches “Tulong mo, TAGUMpay ko!”
By Jennelle Analie V. Viray and Sonny F. Jao (Corporate Business Center)

Employees Activities Committee (EAC) ’08, in cooperation with UCPB-Coconut Industry Investment Fund (CIIF) Kabalikat sa Edukasyon, launched “Tulong mo, TAGUMpay ko!” last June 05, 2008.

The project aims to provide educational materials for the children of coco-farmers in Mindanao who served as one of the foundations of the UCPB Group of Companies over the years. EAC 2008, headed by Chairman Renato Cruz and Vice-Chair Cherry Franco, will choose one (1) school from Tagum-Mindanao who will receive educational videos, films, books and writing materials for learning purposes.

“WE have chosen this program to give back something good to those people who served as our company’s (UCPB Group of Companies) foundation. We really think of something which results will last a life time. We believe that through this project, we can give them not a day of happiness and fun but a life time tool to succeed in life”, Chairman Cruz said during the company’s general meeting.

Over P65, 000 worth of supplies and equipments will be given to the selected school which includes Book Package from BRIGHT MINDS READ (BMR) Dep-Ed & McDonald House of Charities amounting to P10, 000 which consists of 32 educational books and Educational TV Package (ETV)- ABS-CBN Foundation amounting PhP55,000 which consist of 108 DVD volumes of Sineskwela, MathTinik, Epol/Apple, Hirayamanawari, Bayani and the teachers training DVD volume, one 21 inch television and a DVD player.

EAC said the program was conceptualized due to the present condition of the education in the Philippines. In a study conducted by DepEd- NCR four years ago, 40% of grade one students were found to have fallen behind in their studies because they cannot read. After exposing the children to the BMR Program, rate of non-readers was reduced to only 6%. Philippine Business has given over P2.7 billion to public education in the last 2 years, and yet, quality of education continues to decline. We have “islands of good practices” but what continues to elude us is system-wide improvement.

“EAC 2008 saw this as an opportunity to help Filipino students in their education. In cooperation with the UCPB-CIIF Kabalikat sa Edukasyon Project together with the Reverse the 57-75 Education Crisis Campaign which aims to reverse the 57 as the mean percentage score of the Grade 6 students in NAT and the symbol of the current education crisis to 75 which is the beginning of Mastery level and the symbol of having emerge from crisis, EAC 2008 launches its own outreach program entitled “Tulong mo.. TAGUMpay ko…”, EAC said in an interview.

EAC distributed cans for additional collection for the program aside from Cocoplanners’ pledge.

“We hope you will all support the Corporate Social Responsibility - “Tulong mo… TAGUMpay ko outreach program”, EAC said as the presentation ends.

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